Music & Movement:
Music & Movement is an integral part of The Gan's program. This is very beneficial for children's development. Morah Devorah a music teacher par excellence has the children singing and dancing, playing musical instruments and simple movement routines. It helps improve the childrens coordination, motor skills, social interaction and cognitive abilities. 



 Introducing basic gymnastics in preschool is a great way to promote physical development and enhance children's flexibility, strength and coordination. At The Gan we are lucky to have Chimal Circus. Owner and director Mr Alex works with the children on their fitness, agility, balance, strength, self confidence and coordination. 




We are lucky to have Mrs Julie Oudin a child development specialist with close to 30 years of experience in the field of early childhood education. Miss Julie as the children so lovingly call her, brings a rich mindfulness program to our classroom. Through breathing exercises, mindful listening activities, Storytelling with guided imagery, and craft connected to the concepts learned Miss Julie has helped the children develop self-awareness, emotional regulation and focus. 

Gardening at The Gan is an excellent way to teach children about nature, plants, and the environment while fostering a sence of responsibility and appreciation for the natural world. Our raised garden beds offer the children an opportunity to care for our earth and watch things grow. We follow a curriculum which delves deeper into an understanding of our ecosystem.