Starting October19th, 2020

To apply to The Gan Jewish Early Learning Center there is a 3-step process.

1.    An application form is submitted.*

2.    This is followed by the applicants scheduling a meeting with the Director.

3.    Upon notification of acceptance, the registration packet and parent-handbook will be mailed. Registration is secured upon the return of the signed forms, the first month's tuition, and a deposit** in the amount of one month’s tuition.

* Application fee is $100.
**The deposit will be credited as payment for June, 2021


Tuition can be paid in a single payment, or in 9 installments in the form of post-dated checks for the 15th of the month, from October 2020 through June 2020. Checks should be payable to The Gan. Please note, that there are no tuition credits for illness, holidays or family vacations. 

Credit-card billing is also an option, and will incur a 3% surcharge. 

The Gan believes in the tremendous value of a Jewish preschool experience for every Jewish child, and will work with parents (according to need) to ensure affordability for every child.

Withdrawal Policy:
We require a one-month notice in writing if it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from the preschool. At that time, the postdated checks that have not been deposited will be destroyed. The deposit paid upon registration, will be applied to the last month’s fees. If parents fail to give 30 days notice, the deposit will not be applied to the child's last month at the center. 

Toilet Training Policy: 
Children do not need to be toilet trained to attend. We will change diapers as long as needed. If you child is not toilet trained, please send in a package of diapers or pull-ups along with baby wipes on a regular basis. These should be marked with your child’s name and will be kept in their cubbie.